Hope Act Change

giugno 24, 2008


Il 13 giugno “Yes we can“, canzone-video che sostiene la candidatura di Barack Obama alla presidenza degli Stati Uniti d’America, ha vinto un Emmy Awards categoria “New Approaches in Daytime Entertainment”. Sono state riconosciute le innovative tecniche di produzione e l’uso dei mezzi di comunicazione per sostenere la valorizzazione dei contenuti. 

Anche io posso dire: “Ho vinto un Emmy Awards!, uno dei più importanti premi della musica internazionale”. Ho vinto insieme a più di 4.000 persone. Nell’elenco dei partecipanti al video sono il 973.

Il successo, oramai planetario, di Obama è indiscutibile. Ora tocca agli americani, con il loro diritto al voto, concretizzare il cambiamento. Cambiamento che qualcuno comincia a temere (riporto il post inerente l’attacco hucker al sito web).

Non ci resta che continuare. Vi invito a partecipare alla campagna HopeActChange.com.

E’ semplice: vi iscrivete, inserite la vostra foto e anche voi farete parte del video “Yes we can“. Così aumentiamo anche la presenza degli italiani.


Last week a coordinated attack was launched on our HopeActChange.com community in an attempt to extinguish the message of hope, personal action and enacting positive change that was inspired by Barack Obama and made into an American mosaic through the efforts of thousands of citizens. Our all-volunteer, Obama-inspired website – now with over 4,000 members and growing every day – was sabotaged by a small group of individuals who improperly flagged thousands of images that had been submitted by you and citizens across America, rendering roughly 20,000 family-oriented photos removed from view.

We are happy to report that the images have since been restored to the HopeActChange.com website and their appearance within will i am’s Yes We Can video is once again fully functional. Despite this attack, the HopeActChange.com community will continue to remain entirely open and self-policing.

The synchronized assault is a painful reminder that there will always be people who spend their time and energy trying to disrupt and dismantle inspiring movements of hope, action, and positive change. The fact remains that such people will always fail, for their intentions and actions are rooted in negativity, corruption, and falseness, and they stand in direct opposition to the “better angels of our nature.”

Now is the time to take a stand against the cynics and troublemakers who have tried to bring down our community. Let’s show the world how strong our belief in positive change is by acting now and re-doubling our efforts to grow our community. Spread the word and make our voices heard. As Senator Obama has inspired us: “Nothing can stand in the way of millions of voices calling for change.”

Let’s turn our 4,000 members into 40,000 – invite 10 friends to join HopeActChange.com.

Yes We Can!



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